Intuition – I Ruined These Songs For You (mixtape)

intuition-i-ruined-these-songs-for-you-300x300La mixtape du jour va rappeler des souvenirs à certains, vous vous souvenez quand on préparait des mixtapes pour des filles en faisant une sélection de son pour les charmer et essayant en vain d’y apporter une touche perso? Dans le cas d’Intuition, pas de problème pour marquer sa tape puisqu’il s’invite sur chaque track et pose des versets en accord avec la chanson squattée! Voilà une façon bien intéressante de ruiner des sons…

Intuition – I Ruined These Songs For You (mixtape)

He Can Only Hold Her
Lil’ miss thing: I know you had your heart stolen
I’m a card holding member of that club, smarts don’t it?
here’s a hand full of darts, go on throw ’em
at his picture on your wall next to all your arts and poems.
I’m trying to pacify, you’re acting like my actions lie
I ask you why the passion died, it isn’t always black and white.
Let’s forget about the past tonight,
I’m not your ex and I’m tired of getting trashed to fight.
it’s getting, getting kind of hectic
a victim of your sickness but i was trying to catch it.
and i did, now I’m going all out kid
because i hate to see a pretty face fall frowning.
regardless where your heart is, you’ve still got me mesmerized.
trying to count the body parts of yours i’ve memorized.
good god, strike me down if i ever lie,
stop dwelling on severed ties or what’s inside you never dies.

Make Her Mine
She’s a Bev Hills betty, I’m a West Side loser,
with a wallet full of maxed out plastic and coupons.
But I treat her right and turn that attitude on,
keeps her down to Earth and never actin brand new y’all.
She’s Grey Poupon, I’m ranch dressing,
her folks think she’s slumming now I got her dad stressing.
Their little baby that they took to tap lessons
getting tapped by a modern man trapped adolescent.
She’s at the Grove while I’m over there on Fairfax.
Monolo’d toes while I’m rocking old AirMax.
The type of girl that people on the streets stare at,
look at me and wonder how I ever pulled fair catch.
I’m the type to get my dinner and a movie on,
she got a Louis Vuitton and some Gucci’s on.
People ask me « Is she always acing bougie? » Nah…
That’s why I’m keeping her around, ‘cuz she don’t do me wrong.

100 Yard Dash
Feet are on the start block, take a lead.
I’ma run clockwise see if you’d chase me,
cuz I’ve tried everything over twice A to Z,
running like it’s my last chance, gotta make you see.
It’s like BANG goes the start gun.
Sweet thang take my heart, run, i’ll forget what I’m ripped apart from.
Long strides look like what they make art from.
Engine revving like some brand new spark plugs.
I’ve run away, I’ve run towards ya,
your silly games could cause a weak man torture.
Lose a race and feel my sour milk curdle
cuz this 100 yard dash ain’t supposed to have hurdles girl.

Brown Sugar
Put your loving in a spoon and torch the lighter underneath it.
Go head, tie me down, kiss my neck and stick your teeth in.
You keep me coming back, I never need a reason,
other than that smothering withdrawal, you got me fiending.
Your skin is caramel, with them cocoa eyes
that can see right through me, can’t control your lies,
And every time we get together I don’t know those thighs,
‘cuz each encounter’s like the first time, I’m so so high.
You my Jane Eyre and shit, my heroine.
Black tar bliss, the abyss that I’m staring in.
When you’re around it’s like I’ll never have a care again,
you got me wearing thin. Without you I’d be scared to live.
Baby your loving is addictive.
Every brother on the block wants a piece but I’m your victim.
You got me strung out and enslaved
‘cuz I gets high off your love, I don’t know how to behave.

Love Comes and Goes
On this first lonely cold day of fall
i can’t help but wish that i could just hold you ’til all’s
back to better, not normal, I’m just hoping you’ll call.
But I’m stuck here feeling like there’s no hope at all.
Girl I’m broken, I balled until my eyes became bloodshot
retracing every wrong turn to try and find the love lost.
Every picture of me’s looking like a mugshot,
I can’t seem to smile since you told me to fuck off.
Well…in so many words.
And I’m just not myself, I’m ignoring pretty girls
‘cuz they ain’t you. My first reaction was to hate you
but love comes and goes and we’re all slaves to fate too.
But I’ma make do, knowing my time will come,
hoping I was just too young, to open up to us.
Baby I still miss you but, I’ma keep on running,
knowing this one came and went
but another one is coming, it’s like:

I’m not that desperate rat bastard that be eyeing your chick
from the corner of the dive while you’re buying her drinks.
Nah, I’m that sneaky sly guy already sliding her dick
and you won’t ever be the wiser, trying to find her a ring.
Big Willy, still he balling on a budget.
But the fillies really feel me, always falling into something.
These are the tales of an erroneous man,
but let me sing a little song about how the story began:
Well at the tender age of ten I felt my first tongue kiss.
I didn’t have to chase the broad and I ain’t run since.
Used to sleep through all my classes, I was wasting my time.
Thought I was smarter than my teachers, didn’t pay them no mind.
Yet and still I graduated with no clue what to do,
just knew that I was more creative than a few of these dudes.
So I kept recording tracks, that came natural to me
and now I’m better than your favorite MC, I’m Mr. I-N-T.

Wh-whisper in your left ear
with your breast plate pressed against my sweat glazed chest hair.
You pull out a shush finger so i just stare,
it’s intense here breathing in that dense air.
We loved each other in a past life.
We reunited last night, fought it but I asked nice.
You got a husband now, I just divorced my last wife.
Both tried to forget yet each losing that fight.
Yeah you left me but you knew I was the one and
now you never let him stick a little bun in your oven.
It took coincidence, a little bit of luck and
now we’re stuck cooped up in this hotel room fucking.
But it still feels like we’re making love
cuz I tapped back in to that space that I’m taken up.
We know it’s so wrong, but it’s just right.
You make me hate me, but make me love life.

Did you wanna be a doctor, astronaut or
a mega famous actor with a bunch of oscars?
Or a short-stop for the Dodgers,
cleats in the locker,
maybe just a fall out drunk punk rocker?
Did you wanna be a priest or a soldier?
Deceased or just older? Please let us know sir.
Did you wanna be a wrestler? Investor?
To be the President or just a court jester?
Did you wanna see Europe or Asia?
Learn about the arts or get served by a geisha?
No one ever says they wanna be a waste of space but
it seems childhood dreams never really shaped up.
You didn’t wanna be a bum or a burnout,
Looking in the mirror at the scars that you’ve earned now.
Wanna be successful, never real learned how
discontent effects how your world turns out.

Well there’s a war over seas and a battle on the home front.
Don’t know what we need, or agree on what we don’t want.
But we proceed to keep looking for a shortcut
to satisfy our greedy needs to no avail with no luck.
Oh fuck, what do we have here?
The same headlines that appeared for the past year.
Same drunk fight we had over the last beer.
Still having trouble pin-pointing exact fears.
And that’s weird, so I’m running for the hills.
A dollar for the bus and another for a meal.
Might not be in 2012 but the end is coming still.
I’m just trying to avoid all that blood that’s gonna spill.
There’s gotta be an end to that,
feel like atlas at this moment but my body’s bending backwards.
Faster…we all fall down,
’til life’s last moment is beyond all sounds.

Psychotic Girl
You took the mask of baby boo and showed your true colors.
How you do unto others got me feeling too smothered.
I ain’t Pretty Boy Floyd, I’m a true lover,
so don’t play me for the square dear, I ain’t no newcomer nah.
You gotta real nice costume in public.
When we’re stuck with eachother it’s like frost, gloom, and ruckus….
you love it…cuz you thrive on the theatrics.
Turn bygones to my songs, no lights on in the attic.
And I’m past this, you’re past tense, your absence is welcome.
Cuz your antics are frantic, been mad since I felt them.
And I’m asking for help, I need to find my logic,
Cuz I just can’t take it anymore you’re psychotic girl.

Two Weeks
I told you I would say and I meant it.
Is made to be malleable, bend it.
Wear it to the point that it’s ending.
Regret it
and start from the beginning
again and
mend it.
I gather all the days that we spent apart
and then I look at what I built, watch it wilt, tend the garden.
Hardened hearts lead to empty lives.
Breathe free of tempt and lies.
If need be, see me, please be my next in line.
Don’t ever say « woe is me. »
I’m just an IChat away from you, even overseas.
Sometimes I just need to go and flee the older scene
because my eyes are like a diary and you can hold the key.
I’m gonna stay until I wither
from May until December
or later in the winter.
I’m praying like a sinner just to hear you speak.
It feels like two years, it’s only been two weeks…nah.