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Opus has been making its vehicle inspection stations available to public authorities as drive-thru coronavirus testing sites. Documents are stored in a uniform, platform-independent format. objects (in the broadest sense). OTH Regensburg works closely with numerous business enterprises to offer a wide range of dual study programmes. No DRM encryption https://www.oth-regensburg.de/de/hochschule/einrichtungen/hochschulbibliothek.html. This is equivalent to a new edition in case of print media. 80333 Munich. Entray: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:bvb:863-opus-1124. When you select a Creative Commons Licence, you decide under which terms your published work can be used in the future. 93025 Regensburg, Email: bib-leitung[at]oth-regensburg.de This is done by the Resolving Service of the German Library: http://nbn-resolving.de. College & University free and no-fee access to scientific information for all. AND: The document has to contain all search terms. OTH Regensburg has about 200 partnerships with universities all over the world, including partner universities in Australia. Use this field to provide information about your publication that does not fit in any of the other fields. If needed, university staff will correct or complete the data to ensure uniform quality standards. Opus or OPUS may refer to: Arts and entertainment Music. Dec. 24, 2020-Jan. 3, 2021: During this time, OTH Regensburg and the International Office are closed. This service is for university members only and free of charge. Please click on the publication link on the start page. If your file is larger, or if your document is in a different format, please contact us. The completed and signed contract can also be sent as a scan via email to renate.siegmueller@oth-regensburg.de. Most publishers now permit texts to be stored on institutional repositories or on the author’s homepage, though it is usually comes with certain conditions such as an embargo period before the first publication and open access availability online. If the author wishes to make a correction, he needs to submit the edited document afresh. Since 1978 singer of Opus. Available in two- and three-manual versions, the Opus is the perfect organ, whether you are a learner or a more experienced player who simply wants to … If we still have questions, we will contact you. these must be compressed into a ZIP file and then uploaded with the text. Core Metedata Element Set (short Dublin Core (DC)) which has fifteen basic elements. We recommended using meaningful terms in English as well. The information provided on this site has been carefully compiled. File names may not contain special characters or spaces and should be fairly transparent (e.g. An electronic document on OTH Regensburg publication server must satisfy the following requirements: Electronic documents produced by university faculty and students for the purposes of teaching, research, scholarship, or professional development can be stored on the OTH Regensburg publication server. Once you are done, a summary of the information you entered will appear. The system currently supports the following document types: pdf, pdf/a, zip, avi, mp3, mp4, jpg, tiff, gif, avi, wav, mpg. “Author” includes anyone responsible for the publication’s intellectual content – the writer(s) in the case of textual documents, and artists, photographers or illustrators in the case of pictorial documents. The operator of these websites makes every effort to use its own texts and graphics or public domain material. Main title (required) The library of the OTH Regensburg offers with the publication server OPUS the possibility to the members of the university - scientists, teachers and students - to publish scientific documents. History. monographs (complete or as part of a series), entire journal series, journal articles, conference reports, conference papers, reports, preprints reviews, course materials, lecture texts, images, films, audio files, publication series of the OTH Regensburg, student theses completing a Diplom, bachelor’s or master’s degree. Willkommen zur offiziellen Website von OPUS. For instance, business students from OTH Regensburg have the opportunity to obtain a double degree from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Use them in place of a character or characters that are unknown or that may differ. To do that you can use the 2 Authors and editors of electronic documents are responsible for observing third-party copyright laws. Authors: Title. In case your document has not yet been published in any way, enter today’s date. Open Access means in the sense of the "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" the In many cases, publishers are willing to release texts for open access on university publication servers only after a certain amount of time has elapsed. In case your document has appeared in a different publication series, indicate the title in the field Other publication series. unrestricted and free access to scientific information as well as its use and circulation under preservation and correct name of authorship. If multiple languages are used, please select just one. Irrespective of the provisions in the publishing contract, a publication may still be made publicly accessible in accordance with §38 (4) UrhG (German Copyright Act) if the following conditions are met: If these conditions are fulfilled, the source of the first publication must be indicated and no licence for commercial use may be granted. Fakultät Architektur. Barrier-free pdf Core is the result of international efforts to reach for a collective consensus in describing electronic Documents that have already been published will not be deleted from the university server. Welcome to our online job platform Find your new job! Az OPUS GLOBAL egy jövőorientált ipari termelő és szolgáltató vállalatcsoport, mely minőséget és innovációt visz az energetikába, az ipari és élelmiszeripari termelésbe, valamint a turisztikai ágazatba, hogy az így létrehozott értékek hosszú távon a gazdasági szereplők és privát fogyasztók javát szolgálják . – opus and 221 – papal 215, 217–218, 260–261, 265 – priestly 218–220 – relation between priest and 213 – right hand of 75 – Roman Catholic abuse of 1 – supernatural 49–50, 52–53, 215 – theory of 216 – theory of priestly 213 – to rule 222 – two medieval 264–265 Pragmatics 40 Prayer 112, 168 Export as an XML file ℹ️ oth-regensburg.de receives about 2,209 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 238,594 in the world. It can also be found in the SHERPA/ROMEO-List. The electronic publication can be accessed at any time all over the world and can be used without charge. Please submit one copy of the contract per publication. Please indicate the year your document was first published. Welcome to the Opusphere. What types of documents can be published? Enter the date when your document may be published on the publication server of the OTH Regensburg. This website is just a Social Network or Online Community for international students and is not related in any way to the ERASMUS® trademark. Your electronic publication is stored and archived on the publication server of the OTH Regensburg as a PDF file. NOT: This function works excluding and might be useful to reduce a large result list: Documents, which This service of the OTHR university library is free of charge. The formatting of texts uploaded should adhere to the standards of academic publishing. Please indicate all authors of the publication. To upload your document, go to Publish. If your document is in another format, please contact us. No legal liability will be accepted by a party that merely refers to a website via a link. Seybothstraße 2 Chemical-energy storage systems use caverns, porous storage facilities, tanks, and storage rooms to store chemical energy sources. Yes. First you are requested to choose a document type. The OTH has more than 150 partnership across all Faculties. Používaním našich stránok súhlasíte s ukladaním súborov cookie na vašom počítači / zariadení. You have to fill in data about your publication here (so called metadata), which is used to describe your work in catalouges and other bibliographic terms within one search field. Management; Communications / Digital; Tourism management; Foundation … Available publication types are Bachelor's, master's and Diplom theses If you have questions, contact your publisher. All free services are nonbinding. system respectively. Fakultät Elektro- und Informationstechnik. All documents are given a URN, a Uniform Resource Name. There you will be asked to select from a list of document types. Thanks to its beautiful sound and contemporary console, the Opus has been the world’s best-selling Johannus organ for many decades. Storage and long-term availability Abstracts and metadata can be uploaded with or without professor approval. Please select to which faculties/institutions the publication should be assigned. Fill in the complete name of the author and complete the formal description of the text and its contents. You can use the "RIS" button to export data. You can also add the document to an already released citation. were created within the framework of at least half of the research activities funded by public funds (DFG, BMBF, EU, etc. To ensure that documents are locatable and fully citable from anywhere in the world over the long-term, each receives a URL and a persistent identifier (Uniform Resource Name) using the urn:nbn format of the German National Library. Use this field to provide information about your publication that does not fit in any of the other fields. Uploading file(s) For example: What are the technical requirements of my document or documents? Electronic documents will also be permanently stored on the server of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek. If you need to publish larger files, skip the uploading step and send us your document on CD or DVD. Complete homework and projects faster with Clickable Math. Documents in the publication server are usually published as PDFs. For the purposes of this terms of service an “electronic document” is a document containing text, images or audio/video files stored in digital form and circulated over research networks. S cieľom uľahčiť užívateľom používať naše webové stránky využívame cookies. It provides long-term archiving of texts and ensures that they are locatable and fully citable. Having done so you may click on "send". these fields are mandatory and therefore have to be filled in. Mandatory fields are for example: Submitter contact information (required) The metadata of a title can be exported in the RIS and BibTeX formats, i.e. For example, to search for documents of the author "Doe" in the years 2002 or 2003, You can choose to enter only the bibliographical information. Overview. The content of the server is maintained by university library and technically operated by the Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin-Brandenburg. Maximum file size With this publication server, the library offers all members of the university - lecturers and students - the opportunity to publish their scientific documents free of charge. All trademarks and logos that appear on the website and that may be protected by third parties are subject in full to the terms of the relevant copyright law and the right of ownership as applied to the registered owner in each case. To enter the title in another language (or to delete), click the button. For online publications, that are being published on the publication server of the OTH Regensburg, use “Regensburg”. The Citavi reference management programme is being made available to students, instructors and other staff members of OTH Regensburg as a Campus Licence. OTH Regensburg. Your publications can be researched comfortably in the publication server of the OTH Regensburg by different search entrances. Publication language (required) Publication series of the OTH Regensburg This does not necessarily contradict the publication on our document server. If the appropriate legal permission via the publication contract has been obtained from the copyright owner, the complete texts may be made available online. The Trade register entry was last updated on Aug 1, 2019. Example for an article from a journal: Student thesis: This term refers to student theses for degree programs instituted before the start of the Bologna Process, e.g. This repository is using metadata in the Dublin Also use this field if your publication has appeared elsewhere and you want to publish it on the publication server of the OTH Regensburg. For instance, if you are uploading a journal article in which the author names appear as “Meier, Martin / Müller, Martina / Schulze, Sabrina,” please use the same order, even if you are Sabrina Schulze. The ISSN can normally be found on the first page, beneath the masthead. In the OTH Regensburg publication server, you can choose from different Creative Commons Licences and thus specify the user rights of the copyright. This document server is based on the repository software OPUS4. Follow the name with volume number of the series. This is a requirement of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek to ensure the long-term storage of the document. Opus Fluidum Futurum – Report from the DFG Priority Program 2005. Safer roads and cleaner air. The bibliographic data and the fulltexts are published on the Internet and indexed by search engines. Online publication date Bachelor's thesis: Thesis required for completing a bachelor’s degree. 93053 Regensburg. Below you can upload your file or files. Succeed in all your classes! Latest documents. The library offers to publish electronically generated and qualified documents on its online publication system. 0941/943-1040 Our Programmes. Right beneath that you can upload your document files. as wildcards. Please describe your document as clear as possible. Opus gives back with drive-thru coronavirus testing sites in three U.S. states. Thus, they are identical to the printed publication.

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